Pedalling Towards Positive Change

Health is our most important asset, and it is an invaluable one. As a firm, we are committed to encouraging our people to reflect on their own wellbeing and help to improve this as much as we can.


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Cycling not only promotes a carbon-free way of travelling, it also incorporates psychical health into what, at first glance, seems like a simple mode of transport. It is the health benefits that are, perhaps, most important when encouraging people to leave their car parked and get the bicycle out of the shed.

We often underestimate the links between spending time outdoors, physical exercise and mental health. Stress is not something we feel solely in our minds but it can manifest itself as tension in our bodies, leading us to become even more stressed.

Sometimes, as is the case with pressure, we need a certain amount of stress to grow and improve but we must recognise when it becomes unhelpful and overbearing. Physical exercise is one of the most efficient ways to offload and control our stresses. It helps us to clear our minds and increase our focus which, in turn, helps us to prioritise. In short, exercise makes us feel good, more productive and it makes us realise the things we can achieve.


Now, we must be realistic about the obstacles life throws at us. Sometimes, there simply is no time for a workout, or is there?

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Realising that physical and mental health are deeply connected is a crucial first step, and, maybe, this realisation can help us to make the time for a workout. Particularly during busy periods it is important to still maintain our exercise routine and recognise our minds and bodies for the drivers they are. They get us through life each day, and, like any vehicle, they need looking after.

Cycling to work offers an opportunity to combine the commute to work with daily exercise, when time is running thin. It also allows us to spend time outdoors, contribute to a reduction in our carbon footprint, lower the need for parking spaces in urban areas and save money on petrol.

On today’s Cycle to Work Day we would like to embrace and celebrate the many ways our two-wheeled friend has helped us so far and will help us in the future. Our support is carried forward by Menzies’ Cycle to Work Scheme which enables our people to purchase bicycle equipment in a cost-efficient way.

Looking after our health can be easy, low-cost and convenient. Whether we invest in a bicycle to get us to places or establish a different workout routine, the benefits are undeniable and worth our time.

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