Commercial Valuations

At a time of economic uncertainty facing the majority of SMEs, knowing the value of your business could be a key piece of information in determining how it is fairing in the current climate, or if you are considering future plans. 

Our specialists can provide you with a detailed commercial valuation, helping you to understand the unique complexities of your business. We can produce independent reports in the context of private company transactions, public listed companies, published indices and the wider economy.


Commercial valuations may be required for a number of strategic purposes ranging from, but not limited to:

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  • Aiding the decision-making process relating to a group or company restructure.
  • Determining the best approach in relation to ownership succession or exit strategy e.g. Employee Ownership Trusts.
  • To provide confidence to shareholders.
  • Key person insurance to determine a valuation of an owner’s business interest value.

Our commercial valuation reports can provide a deep insight of your business using a variety of tools and techniques at our disposal. Our work includes commentary and key statistics of the sector in which the business trades, to provide wider context of the valuation within the relevant industry.

We will consider the characteristics of the subject business to ascertain the most appropriate valuation methodology. We will complete a detailed analysis of historic and future performance to allow us to best estimate future performance, allowing us to provide a robust, well-reasoned valuation.


For further information on our valuation services, or to discuss your specific circumstances, please contact one of our specialists via the contact form below.