Georgina Davis, Head of Valuations

Our valuations team specialises in producing both business valuations and share valuations in the context of other transactions and the wider economy, supported by reasonable and sound judgement.

Our valuation services broadly fall under three categories:

There are many reasons where a valuation may be required, for example, for acquisitions or sales, financial reporting purposes, tax planning assistance or dispute resolution. Knowing the value of your shares, and the value of your business, is critical when planning for the future. But, to understand the value of your business or shares, and to recognise what is exemplifying that value, a dedicated valuation specialist is required.


Our valuations team draws on a wealth of experience working across a wide range of businesses and sectors to ensure an appropriate and reasonable valuation is derived.  Through the duration of our work, we develop a deep understanding of your business and the wider factors affecting current and anticipated performance to determine a suitable valuation.

Each valuation team member draws on their own unique experience to provide robust and reasoned quality work.

Working closely alongside our corporate finance, forensic accounting services and tax specialists, we have the in-house capabilities to provide services for the whole business cycle – from regular accountancy purposes and corporate transactions to succession planning and assisting in contentious situations.

For further information on the valuation services we can provide, please contact one of our specialists through the links below.


Georgina Davis

Head of Valuations

Matthew Haddow, Menzies Partner, Forensic Services accountant

Matthew Haddow – CA MAE

Partner, Forensic and Valuation Services

James Clarke

Assistant Manager, Valuations

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    Georgina Davis

    Head of Valuations

    Georgina Davis is the Head of Valuations, specialising in Business Valuations for a number of sectors within Menzies Solent office.