Is your leadership team fit for the future?

Ed Hussey - Menzies Accountant

Ed Hussey – People Solutions Director

Owners work hard to maintain and grow their businesses but don’t always pay the same attention to the leadership team tasked with delivering results.

We work with many business looking to reach ‘the next level’ and take advantage of the opportunities they see for the future.

First, we help them to clarify their vision for the future and a strategy to get them there.

From paper to performance

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To bring a strategy to life, however, the plan needs to be translated into action via leaders and their teams.

We therefore help you to identify how each member of your management team can deliver their part of the business strategy by playing to their strengths and managing their time and priorities effectively.

This requires a fundamental review of their strengths, motivations and even aspirations and then a determination of how they can use these to best support the achievement of the new strategy. The outcome will be that there are some tasks they need to continue doing, some they need to start doing and a lot they need to stop doing.

This is just the start though – each person’s new priorities need to be set out as clear, actionable objectives with measurable outcomes. It also needs to be ensured that, between the management team as a whole, all aspects of the strategy are covered, with clear ownership and no gaps or duplication.

Finally, and crucially, decisions need to be made about how to manage all the things that these managers need to stop doing, in order to make space for their new priorities. They may need to be delegated, reorganised or re-engineered. These decisions must be made and actioned though – otherwise nothing will change at all.

Taking the strategy forward

Beyond that, managers need to be supported in their newly focused roles to ensure they get maximum satisfaction and the business gets maximum performance. We support this through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training, tailored to individual needs.