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Oliver Finch

Technology can revolutionise your business by providing you information in real time – enabling you to make key business decisions to support your development into the future. 

Menzies’ specialist Digital Transformation Team provide expertise in cloud accounting and integrated business systems; offering a range of tailored services to ensure you have optimised solutions in place. These include software health checks, process improvement, testing, and implementing your new digital system and training your staff. 

We have found that having cloud-based solutions in place safeguards businesses against human error, bottlenecks, and lost or inaccurate data – ensuring that you are operating in a way that is scalable.  

With a cloud accounting system and connected apps for functions such as sales, inventory, and project management, you will experience real time data at your fingertips to support key business decisions. Your staff will work to the same processes, be happier, and have more time to take on the jobs that are important to you. 

Our innovative team spend time getting to know you and your business and have years of experience from a wide range of industries and bring that all together to design the ideal package for you. 

You will see instant results and your team will be empowered by the changes and improvements to the daily routine. 

Contact us to see how we can help you. We are always happy to talk about what we can do so get in touch to arrange a free call and systems proposal.

If you have:

  • Manual processes 
  • Departments working in isolation 
  • Duplicated data entry 
  • Costly maintenance and updating of desktop systems 
  • Been struggling to track business metrics 
  • Single user access systems 
  • Data that can only be accessed from one computer 
  • Data stored in lots of locations 
  • Received negative feedback from customers/suppliers about processes and systemised procedures 
  • Processes that are heavily relying on paper or verbal communication 
  • A need to increase productivity and efficiency 

Then get in touch today.

Here’s what we can do:


We provide implementation services for a number of accounting solutions, as well as health checks and optimisation of Xero and Quickbooks Online. Prior to implementing any changes, we will review your current processes to identify areas for improvement. 

A typical conversion includes:  

  • Settings configured to your requirements  
  • Users and access rights set up 
  • Reconciled opening balances 
  • Designed sales invoice templates 
  • Connected bank feeds 
  • Linking with third party apps 


We provide an in-depth and bespoke review of your current systems and processes to enable us to make recommendations that will transform your business. We highly recommend undertaking a review when migrating to the cloud, implementing new systems, or every five years at a minimum. Doing so will ensure that your operations are running as efficiently as possible, and that you are using the most up-to-date and appropriate software to run the business. 

Our process typically involves: 

  • Discovery call – To understand your pain points, motivation for change, and timescale 
  • Process mapping session – Recording where your process begins and ends, what systems are involved, and which team members are responsible will enable us to identify any risks to the business and opportunities for transformation 
  • Recommendations – After analysing the process maps, we will provide a report summarising our findings and providing recommendations such as software changes and process improvements 
  • Choosing a solution – We can arrange demos and test solutions according to your functional requirements to find you the best match 
  • Implementation – Either you perform your own implementation, the software vendor does, or we do. We can support in any circumstance 
  • Training – We will provide training to the relevant staff members and can record training content for you to keep as a refresher or for new team members to take advantage of.

We can also provide change management guidance to ensure that your staff are invested and involved in the transformation process so that they feel seen, heard, and supported through the upcoming changes. 

Our advisory offering doesn’t end there. With new systems and data comes the opportunity to leverage those insights by building a strategy. Our outsourcing team can work with you long term to set objectives, provide advice, and ultimately help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve. 

Here’s How We Can Do It

UnderstandingDesign & ImplementOnboarding & HandoverContinuous Improvement
We start with you and your team, spending time understanding your business, your objectives and your pain points and keeping that at the forefront of what we do. We challenge current arrangements and processes looking for opportunities to increase efficiency, enhance management information and user experience.We design tailored systems, simple or complex, using various apps to provide functionality and efficient flow of information for your business. Your objectives are key to everything we do throughout the design phase, this could be scalability and growth, detailed reporting, maximise automation or whatever is important to you. We can put everything in place for you once the solution is agreed upon.Whether it is handing over the new system to your staff or to our Outsourcing Team we will be there along the way to impart knowledge. We have designed the system, so we remain involved to make sure it is operated exactly as planned and the transition is as painless and efficient as possible. We’ll keep checking in to make sure its giving you everything you need and expect.The technology is constantly changing so if there is something better for you or more efficient we will recommend it. We keep abreast of new features and how they can work practically for our clients. We work very closely with our Outsourcing Team providing internal training, product updates and communication of new solutions to assist with continuous improvement to your business and our service.

Introducing Xero Online Accounting Systems

Xero is online accounting software that enables small businesses to work in real time with everybody involved in their business, including their accountant or bookkeeper. There’s no software to install and it’s no hassle to set up. Xero makes doing business better by connecting the right people with the right information, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Xero Platinum Champion Partner – Unrivalled Access

As a Xero Platinum Champion partner, we are here to support you every step of the way. From finding your perfect balance of apps through to training, set-up and integration, our #BrighterThinking team have you covered.


Menzies - Xero partnership
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