Privilege Mwati | Senior Private Client Manager

Proud to be a member of the Menzies Wealth Management Team

What’s your Menzies story?

When I came to Menzies, I was blown away by the warm reception I received. I settled in smoothly, thanks to my very welcoming department. I am enjoying my job and I am very happy to continue working at Menzies to retirement.  At Menzies there is equality and respect for people from different backgrounds. I have been pleased to give feedback to the Senior team as and when there have been positive strides forward on the DEI journey.

How did Menzies win you over during your interview?

When I came for my first interview, I did not have the intention of working at Menzies. I had 2 interviews scheduled on the same day and my first interview was the Menzies interview. I did not prepare that much for it as I was concentrating on the other interview which was very close to home.  However, when I got to the reception I started warming up to the place.

At the end of the interview, I decided that I had been won over by the warm reception I received from my interviewer, and I decided to join the Firm. Once I had joined, I settled in smoothly, thanks to all Menzies staff. Coming from a minority background I suffered many challenges from my university and work environment, and I really appreciate that Menzies does not tolerate un-diverse behaviour and has goals to make Menzies a place where all can thrive.

What do you love about working at Menzies?

I enjoy working at Menzies, great team, supportive colleagues, peaceful and productive environment. We share responsibilities and work together to achieve our goals. I love the social events especially the summer ball which we get to enjoy in the company of a family member or colleague.