Oliver Finch | Partner - Outsourcing

From Placement Student to Partner!

Menzies gave me the leeway to change direction in my career to follow my passion and I have developed something I am extremely proud of.

What’s your Menzies story so far?

I started at Menzies as a placement student spending the third year of my degree here. I returned after my final year and completed my ACA in Audit. I loved that time learning and progressing with others and spending time at clients whilst I got my qualification. 

I progressed in Audit to Director level, at which point I considered my future and realised I needed a new challenge. I really wanted to stay at Menzies and an opportunity in Outsourcing opened up, which I jumped at. Cloud accounting was just making an impact and that was perfect for me, as I love technology and helping clients. We embraced the software and developed the Outsourcing service and my role as it is today. We quickly added a Systems Advisory team giving us a special offering to clients, to which we have recently added a Digital Transformation Consultant, bringing a new perspective and complementary skillset. On the accounting side, and thanks to the efficiencies of the software, the team and I are performing more and more advisory and FD work, which we are all enjoying. 

Since becoming Partner, I have also taken responsibility for the Company Secretarial team, and we are very keen to continue developing that with more diverse and technical work. 

What’s unique about your Menzies story?

My story is different, as it involved a complete change of direction from Audit to Outsourcing and Cloud Systems at a senior stage in my career. 

What made a difference was that I was empowered to have a very honest and open discussion about my career and how I was feeling.  After all it could have been risky to say I wanted to change departments in case it impacted my future opportunities! It was the opposite though and it was a very comfortable discussion, and we were able to look at options around the Firm as I really did not want to leave. 

Everyone was very supportive and gave me time to adapt and build a strategy for my future and for Outsourcing. That is now exceeding expectations as we keep at the forefront of our area within the everchanging world of Cloud Accounting and business systems. 

There have been many other cases like mine now, and they show that you can explore alternative careers and succeed within Menzies as we want to retain good talent and help people become the best they can be in roles that make them happy. 

What do you love about working at Menzies?

I love working at Menzies for many reasons including the people, the work-life balance, the diversity of clients and staff, new challenges, the culture and – like in my story – the ability to be open and honest and jointly find the right solution for your career.