Janice Matthews | Partner – Not for Profit

Be yourself and be open minded about new opportunities!

Am I the Menzies Partner with the greatest number of role and office moves ever? 

What’s your Menzies story so far?

Out of University I joined our then Walton office as an Audit trainee, and later moved to Kingston (another former office) as a Senior Manager.  I have subsequently been a Technical Director based in Woking, a Director and Audit RI in the Heathrow and Leatherhead offices, and I have now returned to the Heathrow Office as the Partner in charge of the Not-for-Profit Team.  Phew! 

It is impossible to say what my favourite role has been – I have loved them all for different reasons.  If pressed, perhaps becoming Menzies’ first Audit Technical Director and scoping and developing that role from scratch was particularly satisfying.  

What are your passions outside of working at Menzies?

Aside from my client work, exercise and sport are my passion and I have been able – through some creativity and planning – to combine both with my work and the demands of motherhood. 

Since school I have been a keen netball player as I love the team ethos the game demands.  I also have been known keep fit with gym sessions, skiing and badminton. During the pandemic, I discovered running and it became my ‘lockdown saviour’, allowing me headspace from working at home, coping with home schooling and a boisterous youngster and enabled me to get out of the house. Early mornings were my time slot of choice, and a firm new habit was formed supporting both my fitness and my mental health. I currently run 4-5 times per week.   

One highlight would be taking part in the London Marathon in 2022, finishing in 5 hours 39 minutes and raising over £5,000 for charity.  The crowds were amazing and seeing my family and friends dressed as bananas (don’t ask) – served only to spur me on!  New trials such as ‘Ultra’ challenges beckon and it is exciting to be adding to my achievements outside of the work arena. 

What do you love about working at Menzies?

When I was first qualified, a Partner asked me when I would be leaving Menzies, assuming, like many others, that I would be looking for my career to grow outside of the Firm.   

My reply was “I will leave Menzies the day I wake up in the morning and I don’t want to go to work”.  Thankfully, through all the multiple roles and moves described above, maternity leave, the good times and the challenging ones – that day has never come, and Menzies remains my functional ‘extended family’.