Charlotte Maxfield | Audit Manager

Netball has taught me so much about being a team player – in sport and at work!

I was selected for England U19 Netball National Academy for 2014-15 season.

What is your Menzies story so far?

I joined Menzies in 2017 from University as an ACA graduate. Having studied Geography at university, a career in Audit was certainly not the most obvious answer, but I have always had an analytical brain and enjoy working with people and numbers, so for me it seemed like the right fit!  

Outside of work, I am also a qualified Level 2 netball coach and up until last year, I spent my time post-university coaching a local junior team. In my final season with them last year, they came 3rd in their age group’s regional league which was really satisfying. 

Now a Manager in the Audit Team, I manage to combine this responsible role with my commitment to a National Premier League netball team, and Menzies has been very supportive of me along the way (everyone in the team knows Wednesday is netball training and work from home day!). The two actually work very well in combination. Even today, as much as I never want to go to training and face the fitness sessions, I always come away with a much clearer head with which to face work the next day!  

How do you keep up with Netball commitments outside of work?

I have played netball ever since I was a junior at school, having started primary school at the age of 10 when my Mum was my coach! I worked my way up through the rankings as a junior player, travelling all over the country in various regional and national leagues including selection to England Netball National Academy as an U19. Through every exam from GCSE to ACA, I have never stopped playing netball!  

On my return from Uni, I joined Eagles Netball club, a local Berkshire team who were playing in the Netball South regional league. Fast forward five years (2 during Covid with very bizarre netball rules!), and in May 2022 we finally qualified for the National Premier league. Having won the regional league for the previous 5 years and aside from the Covid years, attending play off’s every year (a long weekend of the toughest and most competitive netball I’ve ever played – everything stays on the court!), we had always been pipped to the post – until 2022.  

This season, we have travelled across the country most weekends – to Manchester, Norfolk and Essex to name but a few! We have had an incredibly successful first season and won Division 3 of the National Premier League with 3 matches to go.  As a result, we have now been promoted to Division 2 for the 2023/24 season, a huge achievement after just one season in Prem!  

Studying for my ACA exams alongside my netball commitments was a challenge at times, revising on the side of a court or on route to matches, but it kept me focused and was also key for my mental health. It gave me a reason to pull myself away from my books, see my teammates and provided much-needed stress relief!  

What do you love about working at Menzies?

The people are the main reason I like working at Menzies. There is a real sense of a team environment, supporting one another and everyone, no matter their level, is approachable and works together to finish a job. I think from having spent so long playing sport at an elite level, having this teamwork and camaraderie in my job really helps.