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Three men bought a brewery

Our client, is a Private Equity investor Group who were introduced to Menzies in July 2015. Their target acquisition business was an award winning Micro-Brewery in Norfolk. We like a beer “just like the next man,” so we were more than happy to help.

The Menzies Corporate Finance Team met with the key three members of the client team and were soon involved in transaction support, doing Financial Due Diligence on the Brewery. This commenced in October 2015 and completed in January 2016, with full acquisition of the Brewery.

We worked quickly and efficiently, in collaboration with our client which was helped enormously by a great working relationship.

From corporate finance to outsourcing


However, it didn’t end there. There were issues identified during the Financial Due Diligence with which the client needed help. Given the different areas of expertise within Menzies, our Outsourcing Team was soon engaged. The challenge was to undertake a full accounting systems review, to help the client towards greater process efficiency.

Menzies spent time with the new owners and spoke to various members of staff throughout the business to gain a thorough understanding of the existing processes and issues. We then compiled a full report that summarised our findings and most importantly made recommendations for key areas of the business. A number of our suggestions were adopted by the client and have since been implemented. They adopted our recommendation of Brewery Management Software and hired a Finance Manager who will be responsible for devising and implementing many of the process changes suggested. The client was very happy with Menzies and we were delighted to help.

What next?

Based upon our good business relationships and our Brighter Thinking, we are now working with one of the investors, looking at a beer emporium that is sourcing a beer range from small, regional Breweries for a large supermarket chain. Menzies are doing the accounting and tax work, as well as the Research & Development claims.

Menzies continues to work with the Micro-Brewery in Norfolk, as trusted advisors. We very much hope to remain a part of their team for many years to come.

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