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Occasionally, HMRC and taxpayers (or their advisors) can find themselves at an impasse in long-running disputes. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for HMRC investigations to run on for many months, and in some cases, years.

Not only does this lack of finality frustrate taxpayers, but it can distract from the important things in life like spending time with friends and family or running a business, and it invariably increases the cost to the taxpayer in terms of paying advisors to deal with the dispute. The urgency for HMRC to close an enquiry rarely aligns with how soon a taxpayer would wish for a matter to be resolved.

Menzies’ approach is to be pragmatic and commercial and leverage our many years’ of experience to settle all types of HMRC enquiries, compliance checks and disputes for taxpayers and their advisors at the earliest opportunity.

Appealing HMRC decisions

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Our services

Menzies can take instructions from taxpayers directly or their advisors to help unlock any long-running or difficult dispute with HMRC, and the introduction of an outside party such as Menzies often brings these cases to an earlier resolution.

One method of resolving disputes which the Menzies team use is through HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process. The team utilises ADR to resolve complex cases, with the aim of avoiding litigation wherever possible. Our experience of ADR is overwhelmingly positive, but it is important that ADR is only used in the right cases.

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