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Things get difficult when you are:

  • Implementing change that requires reorganisation, redundancy and new working conditions
  • Responding to requests for statutory leave requests and entitlements (e.g ,maternity, shared parental leave, flexible working requests)
  • Managing employees with performance, absence or discipline problems

Every line manager knows that dealing with these issues is a massive drain on their time. They would much rather spend it on positive leadership and new developments.

Not dealing with these issues, however, compounds the problem. Good employees are quickly demotivated when issues are not addressed quickly and change is poorly managed , and the company risks losing its best people.

Situation advice

Our HR Essential package would be a good place to start

We will advise you on what you CAN do about it – not just what you CAN’T – which can include:

  • Identifying the most effective way to tackle the issue and achieve the desired result.
  • Helping you understand the legal risks of different approaches so that you can balance your appetite for risk with the achievement of your goal.
  • Support you ‘hands on’ if necessary with managing the employee.
  • Preparing all of the paperwork you need to support the process.
  • Pulling in the resources you sometimes need such as Occupational Health specialists when managing absence cases.

Our HR Support Package

If you employ people but don’t have in-house HR expertise, dealing with employment issues can be challenging and time-consuming.

We help companies and charities to streamline their HR admin, manage difficult situations, look after their staff, and stay up to date with changing legal requirements.

You get a dedicated team and great value fixed prices with no multi-year contracts that tie you in.

All with the backing of Menzies LLP, a leading firm of business advisors, accountants and tax specialists.

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