James Hadfield



I am a Partner within Menzies specialising in audit. My client portfolio covers a range of sectors and includes internationally active businesses, ranging from SMEs to larger corporates with revenues up to £300m.

As a Relationship Partner, I work with clients to deliver high quality compliance work and proactive advice. Key to this is spending time with clients to really understand their businesses and what drives them.

I am proud to have had the opportunity to lead two fantastic groups of people, leading the Menzies audit service line and more recently our Solent office. I’m also proud of my career as an auditor, a profession often misunderstood but which plays a crucial role in protecting shareholders around the world. It’s afforded me incredible learning opportunities, including a seven year stay in New York, and travel to other far-flung places, such as the Falkland Islands.

My family – raising my two daughters brings me no end of joy (and sometimes a tiny bit of stress!). I love to travel, I run to keep fit and am a fan of Derby County FC (though it’s fair to say they have not delivered much joy in recent years).

If you require assistance, please do reach out to me via email.