Giuseppe Parla - MIPA, MABRP



Business Recovery


I am a Director and licensed Insolvency Practitioner in the Business Recovery department with over 20 years’ experience .

Throughout my professional working life, I have helped a diverse range of clients find a suitable solution to their financial problems, both at a mid-tier and ‘Big 4’ practice. These include advising on members’ and creditors’ voluntary liquidations, administrations, company voluntary arrangements, bankruptcy matters and individual voluntary arrangements.

I am part of the Menzies Creditor Services team. I am experienced in stakeholder management ensuring all parties involved in a process, are provided with the best potential service. I work with a varied creditor profile to explore their options when faced with an unpaid debt, such as a winding up petition.

When dealing with insolvency matters of a contentious nature, I have worked with a wide variety of professionals to achieve a successful outcome following a thorough investigation.



I am a Level 1 FA football manager for my local grass roots youth team. Having done this for several years, I now oversee the development of over 40 children across four teams in the year group. There is a great sense of achievement when the children develop new friendships and become good team players.