David Crowe


Sector experience



I’m an Accounts and Advisory director at Menzies and look after a portfolio of clients that operate across a wide range of industries. I have a passion for innovation and technology and I am a proud member of Menzies technology sector team.

I foster a close relationship with my clients to ensure they are receiving proactive advice and are being effectively challenged in their decisions to help them reach their goals. This will often be by working with clients on their business strategy, making use of the business equation to help business owners understand how increasing profitability and decreasing risk will drive business value.

I lead the fantastic Accounts and Advisory team at our Leatherhead office and collaborate across our service lines to ensure my clients receive the very best service and a tailored, focused approach.

Outside of work I’m quite active, taking time out to walk, run and swim although this can sometimes clash with my other passion of gaming which is often a bit more sedentary.

No matter where you are on your business journey, I’d love to hear where you have been and then help you get to your next destination.