News - Published 13th April 2016

Menzies BREXIT Poll Results

Menzies Brexit Poll - the UK EU Referrendum

As the debate heats up over whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU, Menzies carried out a short poll to help understand and share the views on this hot topic.

The Results: Cessation of free trade with other EU member states is the top concern for [UK/region] SMEs contemplating a potential BREXIT, according to our recent survey.

brexit-poll-badgeOur research revealed that almost fifty per cent of SME business leaders cite free trade as the main benefit of staying in the EU. This provision was rated as more important than the negotiating power being in the EU affords, selected as a top benefit by 36 per cent of respondents and the free movement of talent, which was held in highest regard by just 14 per cent.

The free movement of goods is unsurprisingly high on the business agenda, with UK trade in the EU accounting for 45 per cent of exports and 53 per cent of imports of goods and services in 2014. However in the coming months, it is uncertainty, rather than political change, that could prove to be the real enemy.

For a summary of the results see our infographic.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to the poll.

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