People Solutions Advisory

It is not a business that succeeds, but the people within it. The link between engaged employees and profitability is well established. Successful businesses therefore make wise investments in people and management.

Hiring great people is the quickest way to high performance but then maximum value is achieved by retaining people and helping them to give their best. In today’s world, this requires an understanding of the need for leadership quality, mastery of skills, flexibility, the opportunity to make a difference and being socially connected at work.

Reward structures play a vital role in hiring and retaining talent. Options need to be carefully considered across salary, commission, bonus and non-cash alternatives. Employee ownership models can drive loyalty, commitment and performance.

The risk of employment disputes and claims is a great concern to owners as they can have a dramatically negative effect on the business. Remaining compliant with rapidly changing employment laws is a top risk management issue.

Our unique consultancy approach helps business owners to reduce risk and improve performance in their business. As a result, we have been able to meet their aspirations and even surpass them.

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