Tax Disputes and Disclosures

Tax disputes and disclosures can test the resolve, stress levels and patience of all those who experience one. Our focus is therefore on establishing positive relationships with clients and HMRC which enables our clients to settle their case on the best possible terms.

How can our Tax Disputes and disclosures team help you?

Serious tax investigations (COP9 / COP8)

We assist clients who need to regularise their UK tax affairs where errors or omissions arise from their deliberate acts. Clients will either voluntarily pursue a disclosure or it will be initiated by HMRC. We are one of the UK’s leading experts in advising taxpayers who make a disclosure under the Contractual Disclosure Facility / Code of Practice 9 and Code of Practice 8.

Voluntary tax disclosures


We assist clients who need to regularise their UK tax affairs where errors or omissions arise from their non-deliberate acts. This will often involve simple mistakes that need to be corrected but where the time limit to amend a tax return has passed.

HMRC enquiries and compliance checks

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Our extensive knowledge of UK tax law allows us to ensure we manage HMRC enquiries and compliance checks with minimal disruption to our clients, whilst ensuring that we defend the legal rights and protections afforded to all taxpayers.

HMRC disputes and long-running cases

Our experience and reputation with both HMRC and other advisors means we are regularly called upon to intervene in long-running and so-called “difficult” cases. We consider all available means to resolve cases considered to be “difficult”, or in cases which appear to have reached an impasse.

Tax avoidance settlements

We take instructions from those who have participated in tax avoidance arrangements and are now considering reaching a settlement with HMRC. We will obtain illustrative settlement figures on behalf of our clients so can they understand the costs of settlement and all the options available to them.

Tax appeals and litigation

Where we consider decisions made by HMRC are flawed we will put forward a robust defence on behalf of our clients. When necessary, we will prepare our clients who need to take their appeal through the formal appeals process and then to the Tax Tribunal, if required.

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    Matthew is a Tax Dispute and Disclosures Director. He specialises in helping clients who need to make voluntary disclosures to HMRC.