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Lucy Mangan - Menzies Accountant

Lucy Mangan – Business Tax Partner

We value our close relationships with clients. We recognise that all corporate businesses are different and we therefore strive to understand your business objectives, the challenges you face, and your individual circumstances.

Our Brighter Thinking Business tax services

Maybe you need to raise finance from existing or new shareholders and need to ensure you secure full advantage from any tax breaks, such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme, to make it as tax-efficient and attractive to them as possible.

You may be undertaking research and development, or thinking of expanding overseas, or making a substantial property purchase. These and many other business challenges all have tax aspects that need to be identified, tax planning opportunities considered and then implemented. We do that by working closely with you, and helping you succeed.

Business tax planning advice

Innovative and strategic tax planning advice needs to take these factors into account if it’s to provide a real commercial advantage, add value to your business and contribute to its success.

One size does not fit all.

Local Business tax experts

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Our offices have dedicated teams of highly qualified and experienced business and personal tax specialists. They work together to provide proactive, well rounded, technically robust tax advice at all stages of a business’ life cycle – from incorporation, right through to exit.

As we build our relationship with you, our conversations may highlight a need to motivate some key staff and retain them for the longer term. If so, our share incentive and HR experts will work with you to design a solution, perhaps using the very tax-efficient EMI Share Option scheme to provide a solution.

Speak to a partner or for more information about the tax services we offer via the form below or please contact one of the Menzies LLP to set up a meeting.

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