Our service approach

Privately owned businesses and partnerships are the lifeblood of the UK economy and are primarily businesses owned and run by those actively involved in the business. The stakeholders include entrepreneurs; families; professionals; and groups of employees as well as private investors.

We work with privately owned businesses and partnerships from start ups and high growth businesses through to mature medium-sized businesses operating internationally.

As a privately owned business ourselves we appreciate that these businesses can be dynamic in nature and require experienced and expert support to understand both their needs and to enable them to react quickly to take advantage of opportunities or to manage challenges.

Our services

Our experienced team provides support throughout the lifecycle of the business including but not limited to:

  • Choice of business vehicle and effective financing
  • Incentivising investors through tax reliefs
  • Tax efficient profit extraction and remuneration planning
  • Employee engagement and equity incentivisation
  • Tax efficient acquisition, refurbishment and disposal of assets
  • Intellectual property protection and planning
  • Business expansion and asset protection
  • Group planning and restructuring
  • Succession and exit planning

Whatever your needs we would be pleased to assist you and your business in achieving your ambitions.

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