Lily Haddrell | Brand and Design Assistant Manager

From Junior Business Support to Brand and Design Assistant Manager in 7 years

I joined Menzies when I was 20 and unsure of what I really wanted to do. I am now in the Marketing team, pursuing my passion for design work, fully supported by my Menzies network.

After some experience in hospitality, I knew I wanted to focus on a career. I joined Menzies Leatherhead as a junior member of the business support team and was quickly proven wrong in thinking the world of accountancy might be a bit ‘boring’! I instantly felt like I was in the right place.

I worked with different service teams to understand how we support both business owners and high net worth individuals. Learning from my peers and working for a group of partners and managers, I was supported to get involved with the office marketing such as events, where I realised this was the role for me! I knew I wanted to do something creative and work within a creative team. I loved learning new skills and was ready for the next challenge.

Encouraged by my Menzies network, I reached out to the Marketing Director, to see if there were any opportunities to help out the central marketing team. Later, I jumped at the chance to apply for my dream role and joined the team as a Marketing Assistant in 2018.

A career path aligned with my skills and passion

I finally had a career path that aligned with my skills and passion and was surrounded by an inspirational team.

I was encouraged to attend training courses and network with other professional services marketeers, boosting my confidence and network. In 2019, I was promoted to Marketing and Business Development executive, assisting with proposals, research, reporting and targeting. After consolidating those skills, I gravitated towards design and branding, starting with our proposals. I attended a course paid for by Menzies on Adobe InDesign and moved into the role of Brand and Design Assistant Manager. I now create all the digital and print branded assets for Menzies.

The amount I have grown in the past seven years at Menzies, and the variety of experiences I have been afforded has been incredible for my career progression and personal development, surrounded by a supportive and brilliant group of people.

How have Menzies supported you on your career path?

Menzies really supports everyone to be the best they can be – supported me moving departments and following my passion for design.

I love working at Menzies, everyone is passionate about working together to learn and grow as a team. The social events are also a great way of getting to know everyone, we have had some amazing events over the years including Firmwide summer balls, office karaoke nights, quizzes, fun days and many more. The flexibility of working at Menzies is another benefit, meaning I can work from home two days a week, and also work my hours in the way I choose, meaning I can balance my social / work life.