BREXIT Poll – Is Britain stronger in or out of Europe?

Following the announcement that an EU In/Out Referendum – Brexit Poll – is to be held on Thursday 23 June, the power is now back in the hands of the UK electorate.

Both the Remain vs. Leave camps have begun outlining the reasons why your vote both matters and counts and will inevitably shine a light on the business and economic considerations following the poll.

Menzies have produced a short poll to help share your views on BREXIT. The poll consists of six questions and all entrants will be entered into a *FREE draw where we’ll give £100 to the winners chosen charity.

Take the Menzies BREXIT Poll here.
This document has been prepared for information purposes only. It is not intended as advice and no responsibility can be accepted by Menzies LLP and its associated companies for any loss resulting from acting or refraining from acting as a result of any material in it.

* Terms and Condition apply. Only those individuals who submit a survey (via the designated Survey Monkey URL link) in full along with their contact name and email address will be entered into the prize draw. One entry per person. The winner (one) will be selected at random from all entrants and will be notified once chosen. Payment to the chosen/nominated charity will be arranged by Menzies LLP.

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