Looking to set up in the UK?

If you are an internationally based company wishing to setup in the UK, our team of experts will be in a great position to assist you.

Setting up in a new country can be seen as a daunting endeavour without the right team to support you, but we understand this will also likely be a very exciting and important part in your journey. Our team has developed a one stop shop model to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for you, with the objective of accompanying your business throughout.

We would work alongside you to understand the structure and operating model that would best suit your needs and discussing the associated implications this would have on requirements. Should your local presence be sufficient to create a permanent UK establishment, our team will then assist with the creation of a UK company or branch, followed by any relevant registrations, and of course subsequent assistance with annual year-end compliance work.

At Menzies, we understand the needs of an international company entering and operating in the UK market and we use our experience in supporting international businesses such as yours to provide a combination of tax efficient compliance and commercial solutions. Thanks to this experience, our inbound team will anticipate your needs and apply their knowledge to provide custom advice based on your specific requirements.

Crucially, our team has gained a good understanding of the differences between setting up in the UK as opposed to other countries and can therefore provide tailored advice, with the knowledge of what your expectations may be.  With internationalisation become increasingly attractive to many companies, our team understands the impact of cultural differences to ensure a successful expansion, and would be happy to discuss these with you.

Setting up in the UK

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