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International specialists with who understand local requirements

If you have a UK establishment and require international specialists to help you understand local requirements, facilitate the smooth running of your UK operations, or challenge your current processes whilst providing innovative solutions, our team of experts are here to assist you.
At Menzies, we offer a range of services to internationally based entities, including: day-to-day accounting services, annual compliance (financial statements, business tax return, audit), company secretarial, transfer pricing, people services (payroll, HR services, global mobility), R&D, VAT, Share option schemes and valuations, tax disclosures, and private client. This diverse offering enables us to provide a one stop shop solution and remove any concerns you may have about the running of your foreign entity.
On a day-to-day basis, we regularly support our clients from a payroll and bookkeeping perspective, ensuring compliance with quarterly requirements such as VAT returns. We then arrange for our other services line to seamlessly liaise to ensure a smooth annual compliance process and minimise your involvement.
With the help of dedicated software, we are able to coordinate the operating of your UK establishment for you, whilst also being available for any questions you will have.
Having this holistic view of the business enables Menzies to provide informed advice and suggestions as to the running of your UK operations.

Our International Team

Within each service line our international specialists working closely together to provide you a complete and custom service. This extensive experience in supporting internationally based groups has enabled our teams to build considerable knowledge to not only ensure your compliance requirements are met, but also to go beyond and anticipate any needs you may have and ensure assistance is tailored to your requirements.

Our teams have also gained a good understanding of the differences between operating up in the UK as opposed to other countries and can therefore provide tailored advice, with the knowledge of what your expectations may be.  An example of this would be audit thresholds which are considered at a group level in the UK, rather than at the local entity level in isolation which will be the case in many other countries.

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