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Martin Atkins - Menzies AccountantMartin Atkins – Business Services Expert

The UK’s business services sector is a global success story, covering accountancy, legal, architecture, marketing, recruitment and management consultancy services. Our share of exports to OECD economies is 12%, second only to the US and the sector has grown by over 50% in value since 2000 to over £180 billion. Business services accounts for 33% of total UK businesses, 22% of employment and 16% of turnover.

“In a world where routine services are increasingly being outsourced to low-cost providers, or being automated, service sector businesses need to adapt and look for ways to drive value across their organisation. To achieve growth, they must focus on quality while improving efficiency and investing in a people strategy.”

Business Service Sector: Key challenges and advice services

We advise lawyers, barristers, accountants, marketing, advertising and recruitment practices, as well as sector-dependent clients. We work closely to find solutions to industry issues, utilising our expertise in everything from business strategy and corporate finance, to audit and tax advice.

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the ivy london

Hosted at The Club at the Ivy; one of London’s most prestigious venues, Menzies Ivy breakfast sessions is your opportunity to network, chat and listen to how business owners in the legal, recruitment and financial services sectors are overcoming some of the key challenges in business.

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Brighter Thinking for Law Firms - written by Peter Noyce

Brighter Thinking for Law Firms

Written by Menzies Partner and Legal Services expert Peter Noyce, ‘Brighter Thinking for Law Firms’ is a one-stop practical guide for the forward-thinking law firm – from the hot topics of the moment to the challenges to overcome – all you need to know, from those in the know.

While it may not be everyone’s ideal example of bedtime reading if you are the leader of a law firm this book is pure gold.

Compiled and co-authored by Peter Noyce, partner and professional services specialist at accountancy firm, Menzies LLP, each chapter of Brighter Thinking for Law Firms delivers valuable insights from real experts in their field. The book includes everything from instilling efficient financial practices to people solutions, thinking internationally and preparing for the legal services marketplace of the future.

If you are running or helping to run a law firm, this book should be part of your management toolkit.

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Business Services sector white paper

Supporting the more for more business services culture

The customer mantra ‘we want more for less’ seems to crop up with remarkable regularity when discussing budgets and plans for the year ahead.

In this business services sector white paper, we explore the contribution that small and medium-sized business services firms make to the UK economy and how to achieve growth even in uncertain economic times.

Instead of giving into such cost pressures, however, most forward-looking business services firms realise that the key to growth is convincing customers that they are worth ‘more for more’ – but how should they go about it?

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