Structuring for growth

Mark Perrin - Menzies Accountant

Mark Perrin – Strategic Business Advisor

Having the right vision and strategy is just the beginning. With this strategic roadmap in place, we will support you to implement positive change across all areas of your business by working with the management and wider teams (where required). We will challenge and support you in implementing new layers of best practice to improve performance and mitigate risk. 

We’ll work alongside you and your key people to uncover how:  

  • You can maximise the value from your PEOPLE – the lifeblood of the business 
  • You maximise your impact in your TARGET MARKET  
  • You can generate data and information to make more meaningful BUSINESS DECISIONS  
  • You can FORECAST and financially stress test your future business plans. 

How we help businesses like your to thrive!

Our Brighter Thinking approach to business is flexible because we know every business and its people are different. Working alongside you, your teams, your existing accounting and finance function and even independent third parties, our strategic advisory approach challenges you to align your ambitions with why you’re in business. 

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