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Tax Investigation Services

Menzies Spring Budget 2017 Response

John Biffen - Menzies AccountantJohn Biffen – Tax Investigations Partner

Tax investigations and transparency is the top of HMRC’s and other tax authorities’ agendas around the world. A substantial number of countries are coming forward and signing up to automatic exchange of financial information between tax authorities.

The search for undeclared income and gains has increased. We understand that keeping your tax affairs in order can be a struggle.

Tax Investigations

We can provide comprehensive advice to individuals and businesses who are facing an HMRC enquiry, a complex investigation or wish to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC. We can reduce the stress caused by providing a service which is tailored to your needs.

We can liaise with HMRC and guide you through the process and will try to obtain the best outcome for you. Whether you are an individual, a sole trader, partner in a partnership/LLP, have your own company, are a trustee or executor of an estate, we can assist you, as our team has the experience and the expertise to deal with these matters.

What is an HMRC Tax Investigation?

Our Tax Investigations Service Package*

When you subscribe to our service we are able to make a claim against our insurance policy held with Professional Fee Protection in respect of our fees incurred (up to £100,000 per claim unless otherwise indicated) when we defend a client who is subject to any of the following events:

  • A full HMRC enquiry
  • An aspect enquiry
  • A business inspection notice
  • VAT/PAYE/CIS compliance visit
  • VAT dispute
  • PAYE/NIC/CIS dispute
  • Employment status dispute
  • IHT cover
  • Gift Aid inspections
  • Partners/Directors cover
  • Application for a judicial review
  • Code of Practice 8 investigation
  • IR35 status check
  • IR35 dispute
  • Interventions (informal enquiries)

*Exclusions apply – please contact us for full details.

Download our service summary PDF.
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To speak to a partner or for more information about the tax investigations and tax transparency advisory services we offer please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete our online contact form.

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