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Craig HughesOffshore structures can play an important strategic role in the control and protection of family wealth in the modern world. Opportunities should not be overlooked.

For example, if you live in or have business interests in a region of political instability, we can help you protect your wealth from taxation, compulsory repatriation or forced heirship.

Equally, you might be relocating from one country to another, and wish to retain investment assets offshore, for sensible and acceptable tax planning purposes.

We offer a range of offshore advisory services to clients who are either UK tax-resident but not domiciled in the UK, or UK domiciled but not UK tax-resident. Our services are also helpful in the context of individuals coming to, leaving or returning to the UK.

We also specialise in assisting offshore Trustees; providing advice directly to the trustees, to beneficiaries and also performing tax reviews of structures especially with the Requirement to Correct deadline quickly approaching (see below for future details).

Craig Hughes
Partner and head of Offshore Services.
+44 (0)1784 497149

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Offshore advisory services

Our offshore tax specialists can advise on a broad range of tax issues. Below are some specific areas in which we are currently providing valuable advice to our clients:

The offshore services team where appropriate will bring in team members from the other Menzies service lines to provide associated advice as and when it is needed. Please contact a member of the offshore advisory services team to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation or to speak to Menzies Partner Craig Hughes for more information about the offshore accounting and tax advice we offer.


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