HR Essentials Compliance & Advice

Ed Hussey - Menzies Accountant

Ed Hussey – People Solutions Director

We will provide the essential elements of your compliance with employment law and provide you with unlimited advice on related questions.

HR Essentials Compliance & Advice Package Contents

number 1

Carry out a compliance audit – this will review your documentation in terms of employment contracts and policies.

number 2

Get you up to date with basic staff contracts and employment policies (a ‘handbook’).

number 3

Update your contracts and policies whenever changes in the law make it necessary.

number 4

Provide unlimited telephone and email advice on managing staff situations to achieve the best result whilst meeting legal requirements.

number 5

Draft all the correspondence you need to provide to your employees, when we are helping you with an employment issue e.g disciplinary, grievance or absence procedures.

What isn’t covered by HR Essentials Compliance & Advice Package?

Whilst we are pleased to advise you on any people related issues, challenges or opportunities, some things may fall outside of the Essentials package. In this case, we will provide you with a quote for the work.

Examples of this are:

  • Attending your premises to provide advice or actively manage staff situations with you.
  • Drafting Directors Service Agreements or other complex contractual documents.
  • Advice and assistance with HR matters such as employee development, motivation, training, rewards, benefits, incentives and taxes.
  • Providing written policies that are outside of the Essentials package.

    The Essentials package includes:
    • Disciplinary Rules & Procedures
    • Grievance Procedure
    • Health and Safety Policy Statement
    • Equal Opportunities Policy
    • Whistleblowing Policy
    • Data Protection Policy (Privacy Standard)

Working with Solicitors

We are experienced, qualified HR practitioners with a good working knowledge of Employment Law and how it should be practically applied and complied with. We are not, however, Solicitors and therefore the same rules of privilege do not apply, e.g. correspondence between you and us is discoverable by a court or tribunal.

Sometimes your employment issues may be legally complex and/or very high risk and in these cases we work in partnership with Solicitors to make sure that you have the best and most cost effective blend of practical HR and legal support. We will always talk to you first when we think that we need Solicitor input, and you can discuss it with us at any time.

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