Doing business overseas

Nick Farmer - Menzies Accountant

Nick Farmer – International Tax Partner

If you are a UK business and currently have, or are considering, international operations, we can help you develop your international strategy with confidence.

Through the global reach we have gained through our HLB network, we can reduce the risk and cost of international commerce by understanding the tax issues, introducing you to reliable overseas advisers and implementing a plan that meets your goals and timescales.

Connectivity, you can’t do international business without it!

When business ‘goes international’, one of the first steps on the ladder is to be able to tap into the local advisory community. This is where you will find the specialist in-country advice to ensure that you can enter the market with confidence and navigate the proverbial pitfalls for the unwary. But, how can this best be achieved?

It’s not just a ‘Virtual thing’

We have many international conferences where we meet our HLB counterparts in person. For example, a recent international conference in Frankfurt was attended by 215 delegates from 39 different countries, including representatives from Australia; Germany; India; France; US; Canada; Spain; Ireland and Italy. The connectivity that is available to us through our membership of HLB International is second to none.

Over the years, we have travelled to many of the global and regional conferences, meeting most of the firms, and establishing connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

It is this time spent on the road, attending conferences and meeting the local advisers, that underpins our ability to provide international support and advice to clients. This has given us the platform to really get to know our international contacts, to spend time with them getting to appreciate their capabilities and expertise, and to understand how best to coordinate and deliver on the international stage.

International business strategy advice

  • Save time and money by understanding overseas tax legislation and advising on what it means for your individual circumstances.
  • Reduce the risk of international transactions by using trusted overseas contacts and advising on the relevant multi-jurisdictional tax matters.
  • Plan and execute international transactions with confidence.

International business strategy services

  • UK tax advice and planning for international activities.
  • Co-ordination of tax advice across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Excellent international connections and a fast response, so that we can complete transactions to tight deadlines.
  • Explanation of how UK and foreign tax legislations will affect your business.
  • Strong relationships with reliable overseas partners.
  • Additional services that you might need, such as VAT, private client, outsourcing, payroll and accounts preparation.
  • Global audit and assurance solutions.
  • Advice on repatriation of profits.
  • Advice on the best vehicle for overseas expansion (i.e. holding company).
  • Internationally mobile employees.
  • VAT and customs issues.

We can also help with your compliance obligations:

  • Tax clearances.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Double taxation relief.
  • Anti-avoidance legislation.
  • Corporate residence.
  • Permanent establishments.
  • Treaty interpretation.
Menzies are members of the British International Fright Association

Need some overseas business advice?

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