Andrew Galliers | Director – Audit & Assurance

Regret the things you do, not the opportunities you don’t take

I have always tried to take opportunities when they arise, as they often lead to something good!

What’s your Menzies story so far?

I knew that a career in accountancy was something I wanted to pursue from an early stage, having completed A Level Accounting then following up with an Accounting degree at Portsmouth University.  

I joined the ACA graduate scheme in the Solent office in 2007 and, following successful completion of my studies, have been part of the growth of the Firm allowing me to become a Director and RI in 2021. 

I really enjoy the day-to-day aspect of the role, such as dealing with clients and helping them throughout the audit process, but also providing them with industry insight in my role as a specialist within the Transport and Logistics sector.  

What opportunities have you had since being at Menzies?

One of the key opportunities that I have been grateful for came about from Menzies position within the HLB International Network. 

As part of the network, Menzies supply staff to the secondment programme, and this gave me the opportunity to live and work for a period in Sydney alongside colleagues from the USA. 

Whilst I was thinking about the offer, my Manager at the time told me “Regret the things you do, not the opportunities you don’t take” which really helped clarify things in my head and pushed me to accept the opportunity – what was the worst that could happen! 

I think this mantra has helped push me ever since, keeping me open to looking at opportunities and trying new things and is something that I encourage amongst the staff in my team as they develop in their careers.

What do you love about Menzies?

Menzies has given me the opportunity to grow and develop my own career, whilst helping the business develop at the same time.

That career development has allowed me to experience a wide array of businesses and situations that I can bring into my day-to-day interactions with clients. 

Alongside this, we’ve genuinely got a great team, and it’s great to be part of the impetus to help them develop and achieve their own career goals.