News - Published 24th June 2016

Menzies respond as the UK Votes to Brexit Europe

Julie Adams, Managing Partner at Menzies LLP, comments on the impact of the outcome of the EU Referendum.

The UK votes to Brexit Europe

Julie Adams - Menzies Accountant
It will take time to understand and assess the change in our trading relationship with Europe and how this will affect business. Paying attention to the Chancellor’s comments in the next coming weeks will give a good indication of how the UK will look to attract, appease and entice businesses and key stakeholders to keep faith in a post-Brexit Britain.

It is important for businesses to avoid a knee-jerk reaction following the decision to leave the EU. Although at this stage we have limited knowledge of what the long term impact will be, it is likely that a Brexit will have little effect on businesses in the short term.

Fiscal planning won’t change overnight and businesses shouldn’t let economic uncertainty choke up their trade for any longer. Businesses shouldn’t be scared by this outcome, common sense must prevail and a ‘business as usual’ approach should be adopted until further information is obtained.

Brexit Specifics

For more response, click on the headings below to review the impact of the vote to leave the European Union.

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