A guide to doing property business in the UK

Understanding the UK Property Market

Ralph Mitchison - Menzies Accountant

Ralph Mitchison – Property & Construction Partner

UK property has always been an attractive asset for domestic and international investors alike. This is partly due to the strength and stability of the UK market and political system, but also due to the profitability of UK property.

In some parts of London in particular, property prices have increased by up to 700% in the last twenty years and around a third of Londoners now rent, compared to just 15% in 2001. Demand for property continues to outstrip supply, meaning UK property benefits from both capital appreciation and reliable monthly returns in terms of rent.

In recent years the UK government has introduced a number of tax changes, aimed at ensuring overseas property investors are taxed on profits and gains made on UK property. Whilst UK property remains an attractive investment, the tax regime is complex and there are a number of common pitfalls to be avoided.

This guide aims to highlight the main taxes that international investors should consider before deciding whether to acquire UK property. However, it does not replace professional advice, which should always be sought before any property is acquired.

Key property issues dealt with in this guide

  • Buying and selling property in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Tax on property acquisition
  • Value Added Tax
  • Tax on property income
  • Annual Tax on Enveloped
  • Dwellings
  • Reliefs
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Inheritance Tax
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Disclaimer: This guide is designed to give some general information to those contemplating doing business in the United Kingdom (UK) and is not intended to be a comprehensive document. You should consult us therefore before taking further action. Menzies LLP cannot be held liable for any action or business decision taken on the basis of information in this booklet.

Laws in the United Kingdom that regulate businesses and taxes are numerous and complex. Therefore we would advise you to consult a Menzies advisor before taking any specific action.

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