Guides - Published 15th February 2016

UK Enterprise Zones attract overseas investment

According to The World Bank, the UK was the sixth easiest place in the world to do business in 2015, but the Government has ambitions for it to become the best. Enterprise Zones are part of a long term strategy to achieve this goal and since their establishment in 2012, they have attracted significant domestic and overseas investment. But what is the attraction of these areas for investors?

There are currently 24 Enterprise Zones across England which offer a range of financial and non-financial benefits to those who locate there.

Download the full translated documentation below:

Auf Deutsch – Britische Gewerbegebiete ziehen ausländische Investitionen an.

En Español – Las zonas empresariales británicas que atraen a inversores extranjeros.

In Italiano – Le zone commercial i del Regno Unito attraggono investimenti dal l’estero.

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