Why Menzies FD Advisory Services?

Phil Wright - Menzies Accountant

Phil Wright – Director

Many SME business owners simply don’ t have the resources or even the business need for a full time Finance Director, but they do need the structure and insight this role brings.

Our tailored solutions give you the access, know-how and the experience of a finance director, without the commitment of an employee.

  • At the heart of everything we do is the mind-set of:
  • Reducing business risk for our clients.
  • Improving their profitability.
  • Leading to increased business value.

What makes Menzies FD advisory different?

We get the numbers
All Menzies FDs are professionally qualified Chartered Accountants and your numbers are at the heart of everything we do.

We are commercial
Having worked with SME’s of al l sizes and sectors, nothing fazes us and we understand the challenges you face compared to large corporate clients. Our commercial experience helps us identify the risk to your business and tackle them

We work with existing advisors
Surrounding yourself with people you trust is paramount. Many of our clients have a sole practitioner who has historically looked after year -end accounts and tax work. For us, it ’s great to know these items are in safe hands and welcome the chance to work with your advisors and build a great relationship.

We have the tools
We have a wealth of complimentary services and expertise we can call upon at any time. This means we can solve problems swiftly and effectively.

We have the resources
Our experienced FDs work in our team. They are not off ice based or burdened with admin
and instead make time for regular appointments making time for your needs.

We don’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ approach
All client relationships are different. From meeting frequency, to work f lows and styles we know there is no prescriptive approach to business we evolve to your style and slot in seamlessly to be a member of your team.

We speak in plain English
Our client ‘s like our style. We are knowledgeable, but we don’t baffle you with terminology.

We align the business and the people behind it
We work with you to ensure your business and personal financial goals are in sync to ensure you are getting the most value from the business for you, your staff and your family.

FD Advisory Services Tax Toolkit

Menzies are often appointed by the Finance Directors of large companies and groups to work alongside their existing auditors.
This may be for a variety of reasons such as:

So we devised an ‘FD tax toolkit’ to highlight some of the ways in which we can help large and multinational companies.

  • The auditors being ‘conflicted out’ of providing certain services;
  • Delivering a more cost effective and responsive solution for the business;
  • Relieving compliance pressures on the in-house team; or
  • Removing the reliance on just one firm of advisers.

Contact Menzies FD Services team

If more specialised advice is needed, you can always draw on all the expertise of the wider Menzies organisation. Our FD service is designed around your needs. Visits are typically weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with additional contact when needed. For more about how our FD advisory services could help your business, we would be delighted to meet you.