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Mike Ayres – Financial Services Sector Specialist

The UKs financial system continues to develop at a rapid pace and new opportunities are being developed by entrepreneurs, identifying alternative ways from the dominant high street banks to provide financial services to businesses and consumers alike.

Peer-to peer lending has been around since 2015, but outside of the big 3 there is a growing number of companies offering options to those with money to invest the potential to receive higher rates of interest. For example by lending not just to other individuals, but to new businesses looking for funding to grow.

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Initial approval – once your system is in place and your FCA application is underway confirmation is required that your systems and controls are sufficient for operation of a client money account.

GABRIEL assistance – capital adequacy is a priority of the FCA – especially where client funds are held – businesses must ensure they can compile timely management accounts which provide all the information needed. Not just for the FCA returns, but for awareness of business performance.

Reasonable assurance – any firm holding client assets will need a report, signed by their auditor, submitted at least every 53 week period. It must be submitted within 4 months.

Advisory services – maximising the value of your business through reducing risk and increasing profits.

Inevitably areas such as this include a high level technology which must be treated with care to ensure the FCA can have no cause for concern. Understanding how systems should work is vital to understanding the issues that may arise.

From a tax point of view, new technology may also offer access to preferential tax treatments such as a Research and Development claim.

Can incremental productivity gains deliver lasting value?

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Most people already know that UK productivity is not as strong as it should be, but do you understand why it matters and what you can do about it?

In our latests business services insights report, we explore why and how business owners can boost productivity within their own operations.

Everyone Wants ‘More for More’


In this business services sector white paper, we explore the contribution that small and medium-sized business services firms make to the UK economy and how to achieve growth even in uncertain economic times.

Instead of giving into such cost pressures, however, most forward-looking business services firms realise that the key to growth is convincing customers that they are worth ‘more for more’ – but how should they go about it?

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