Roni Murray



I am an audit and assurance manager within the Heathrow team. I provide a range of audit services to a wide variety of clients across many sectors, with a focus towards SMEs, and international subsidiaries. My diverse portfolio provides me the opportunity to fully understand my clients business and their needs on an individual basis. Thus allowing me to build a strong working relationship to provide proactive business advice.

In addition to my client facing role I am also the key individual responsible for the training and development of the trainees within Heathrow audit. Having gone through the process recently I really appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge with those going through their accounting qualifications.

I graduated with a degree in Economics & finance before I joined Menzies in 2015, I completed my ACA qualification in 2018 and have since progressed to a manager role.



Baking, knitting and spending time with my daughter

Alternative career:

Hairdresser (I am actually qualified to cut hair but quickly learned I much prefer numbers!), or maybe a teacher.