Mark Ripley - FCCA

Senior Manager

Mark Ripley - Menzies Accountant


Audit & Compliance


I joined the Menzies team in 2004, following their merger with Wilfred Green, for whom I had worked the previous twelve years.

I am an audit and assurance specialist, and have built a portfolio of clients predominantly in the SME field, becoming a trusted advisor on whom clients rely for advice.

I particularly enjoy working closely with start-up businesses, helping them grow into well-established and successful entities.

I enjoy participating in the social side of the firm’s activities and the charitable fund-raising events that Menzies gets involved with.


My favourite hobby
Travel, travel and more travel! And a bit of fishing if time allows.

Two luxury items I would take on a desert island
A luxury yacht and a team of chefs.

My favourite meal
Full English breakfast or roast chicken with all the trimmings. I’m a bit of a foodie so perhaps my favourite meal is a banquet!