Andrew Norman

VAT Director


VAT advisory


Although I started off as a valuer and sorter of uncut diamonds I have been working in VAT for a number of years starting with H M Customs and Excise before moving to the “big 4”. After moving out of the big 4 I worked for mid-tier firms specialising in the charity and not for profit sector, as well as land and property although after 25 years in VAT I have a good knowledge of most sectors.

Before joining Menzies in early 2021 I was working for nearly 4 years out in the Middle East advising a Tax Authority on how to implement VAT, from drafting law, writing guides to advising on how to run and structure the VAT section of the Tax Authority.



Having hung up my playing boots a number of years ago I now find myself acting as coach, trainer and occasional referee and ardent supporter in my son’s rugby career. My second job of chauffer to my daughter is on hold as she has passed her test and is at university!!