Part 4 – Pensions

Pension Tax Relief


The combination of generous tax reliefs on contributions; tax-efficient growth within the pension fund; flexible access from the age of 55; and tax efficient death benefits can make your pension particularly useful for both retirement and estate planning.

There are many opportunities for pension planning, but as this is a complex area we suggest you talk to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) before taking action. If you do not already have an IFA we would be pleased to introduce you to one of our colleagues from Menzies Wealth Management.

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Ben Simpson - Menzies Accountant
“Pensions remain an efficient planning tool for tax and as an investment tool, but specialist advice is essential. An innocent oversight can cause a raft of unwanted tax, and other, issues. Talk to us about an introduction to a Menzies Wealth Management Independent Financial Advisor.”

Ben Simpson – Menzies Wealth Management CEO

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Personal tax planning can be complex; we would always recommend that you seek professional advice when undertaking a review to ensure all changes are processed and managed effectively. Please do speak with your Menzies contact who will be delighted to meet with you to discuss ideas, opportunities and the appropriate action.

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