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Blog // 03/09/2018

Menzies Payroll – Keeping the UK Paid

Menzies Payroll - supporting National Payroll Week 2018

Taking place on the 3-7 September is National Payroll Week 2018. NPW was established to raise the profile and awareness of payroll in the UK. It helps demonstrate the impact payroll has on the UK economy through contributing towards the £4.46bn collected through income tax and National Insurance.

The theme for this year is “keeping the UK paid”

Why celebrate Payroll?

Payrolling benefits & expensesPayroll is the largest expenditure in most UK organisations and therefore should be managed by qualified professionals. Payroll can save employees money through salary sacrifice and other arrangements which improves employee motivation and morale.

Constant changes in legislation that take place in payroll today are nothing short of revolutionary and the impacts upon businesses are huge. Payroll is now much more than just a button pushing exercise. As such it is essential payroll staff are kept up to date with all aspects of these legislative changes, such as National Insurance and PAYE allowances, Scottish tax, Auto enrolment pensions, Gender Pay Gap reporting, National Minimum Wage, Apprenticeship Levy, Payrolling of Benefits, Statutory payments, to name just a few. The list of changes payrollers need to keep abreast of are endless.

National Payroll Week is a time for the payroll profession to celebrate the work they do which so often goes unnoticed, Payrollers are the unsung heroes of any business, working quietly in the background ensuring staff are paid accurately and on time, also ensuring the complex regulations placed upon businesses by HMRC and the government are adhered to.

Menzies Payroll Team – Supporting NPW 2018

Denise Love - Menzies AccountantMenzies Payroll Bureau has CIPP trained staff who take pride in the work they do. We have many long-term clients who depend on our expertise to take away the strain of managing their own payrolls. Constant changes would mean Employers spending precious time on research rather than concentrating on their core business. Menzies Payroll Bureau will be joining other payroll professionals by celebrating National Payroll week.

For more information about Menzies Payroll services and how it could save your business time, contact Denise Love by phone on +44 (0)1483 758919 or email DLove@menzies.co.uk.

Find out more about Menzies Payroll services.

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