Blog // 06/03/2019

Don’t change your gig workers’ agreements yet…

Although Hermes and the GMB Union have struck an agreement, which is likely to be favoured among gig workers because it guarantees minimum wages and holiday pay, businesses should think twice before blindly adopting a similar agreement as HMRC may yet seek to treat these agreements as employment for tax purposes. What does the agreement […]

Blog // 05/03/2019

Zero rated construction of care homes – don’t trigger a VAT bill

Sarah Barron – Senior VAT manager “A recent case that went through the Scottish courts has highlighted a number of the dangers that could occur when restructuring without considering the VAT consequences.” Balhousie is a care home operator and had qualified to receive the construction of a new home at zero rate. The relief enables a […]

Blog // 28/02/2019

How to stand out as a fintech start-up

Originally published in FinTech Finance on 26 February 2019 Although the sector as a whole does not struggle in securing investments, if fintech start-ups want to attract the attention of bigger financial services brands, they will have to work harder than ever to stand out within the rapidly growing fintech market. The UK fintech sector […]

Blog // 26/02/2019

The good business equation

Phil Wright – Director The key to business growth lies in driving maintainable profits up and removing risk from the business in order to increase value and attract a higher price. It sounds simple, but requires strategic vision and planning. For most SME’s their value is based on the following equation: Maintainable profits x a […]

Blog // 21/02/2019

The value of sustainability within the hospitality sector

Sustainability is an increasingly important concept within almost all industries worldwide. Improving it can not only help to protect the environment, it can also offer several benefits to a business, such as reduced energy bills or an enhanced brand image. Perceived cost of sustainability Within the hospitality and leisure sector, businesses are often discouraged by […]