FD solutions

Enjoy greater control and confidence from your finance function. We offer a flexible FD solutions service designed to complement your existing management structure.

Menzies FD Solutions service

Most business owners rely on their accountant as a sounding board and source of advice, but sometimes that is not enough. An experienced FD will help you make better-informed decisions, drive efficiency and increase responsibility and accountability in the business. All of which, gives you greater confidence in your finance function and lets you develop a long-term strategy to drive profitability and business value.

If you are not quite ready to recruit a full-time finance director, our FD service will fill the gap. We provide commercial and operational support for companies that need the expertise of an FD, but not yet full-time. You will have a complete monitoring and support service, drawing on our team’s considerable experience dealing with small and medium size businesses.

About our FD Advisory Services

All our FDs are qualified chartered accountants who have extensive skills in accountancy, taxation and most importantly, business advisory services. The services provided will typically include:

  • Overseeing production of accurate monthly management accounts.
  • Establishing and overseeing KPIs and reporting to management.
  • Advising on cash flow management and seeking additional finance.
  • Maintaining relationships with banks.
  • Assisting with the preparation of fully integrated budgets, to include profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow.
  • Advising on current and future strategy to include structure, commercial risk factors and identify tax-planning opportunities.
  • Reviewing and monitoring key controls in the business and making recommendations where needed.
  • Review and recommendations of best practice throughout the business.
  • Attendance at board or management meetings as required.
  • Providing an external and Independent view and support mechanism for business owners.

FD Advisory Services Toolkit

Menzies Financial Directors' tool kitMenzies are often appointed by the Finance Directors of large companies and groups to work alongside their existing auditors.
This may be for a variety of reasons such as:

– The auditors being ‘conflicted out’ of providing certain services;
– Delivering a more cost effective and responsive solution for the business;
– Relieving compliance pressures on the in-house team; or
– Removing the reliance on just one firm of advisers.

We have therefore devised this ‘FD toolkit’ to highlight some of the ways in which we can help large and multinational companies.

Review Menzies FD Toolkit.

An FD service designed around your needs

If more specialised advice is needed, you can always draw on all the expertise of the wider Menzies organisation. Our FD service is designed around your needs. Visits are typically weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with additional contact when needed.

For more about how our FD solutions and advisory services could help your business, we would be delighted to meet you, free of charge speak to a partner or for more information or contact one of the Menzies LLP offices via our online contact form.

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