Recruiting and retaining the talented people you need.

It is not your business that succeeds, but the people within it!

Everything that your business does is determined by its people. Whenever a business makes a major investment in, say, equipment or technology, it goes through a rigorous procurement process and budgets each year to fund ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Do you take the same approach with possibly your biggest investment of all, i.e. your people?

The quality and loyalty of your people WILL affect your success. You need to know:

  • How you can find the best talent available and attract them to your business.
  • The culture and values of your business and whether they are a turn on or a turn off.
  • What your staff love about working for you and what they don’t.
  • How to articulate your vision and develop a strategy through which your staff can achieve it.
  • Whether your leadership team has the skills and capacity to take the business forward.
  • Whether your rewards and incentives are best fit for what you need to achieve.
  • If you are helping your people to develop their skills for now and the future.

Please ask us for information on how we have helped our clients build success by addressing these key areas.

Our Free Advice will provide more food for thought.

For more information or guidance on dealing with your recruitment and retention issues or to discuss more complex situations, contact Menzies People Solutions team.

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  • The Menzies People Solutions team has supported us since 2016, following a change of ownership. Since then we have made many changes to improve efficiency and adapt to changing market conditions, new opportunities and technologies. The drive for change inevitably involves both planned an unforeseen events when it comes to our staff and Menzies has been an invaluable source of support throughout. In particular I would highlight the ease of access to experienced advisors who have got to know our business, the speed of response, the quality of the advice which is balanced and commercial, together with the documentation we have needed for our ongoing HR issues such as contracts, handbooks and the correspondence required when handling difficult staffing issues.
    Jon Upton – Finance Director

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    Jon Upton – Finance Director, Mollart Engineering Ltd July 5, 2018

  • Menzies FD and People Solutions teams delivered leadership development for us at Semmco. As part of this we found the full day’s workshop with Menzies engaging and useful for all the team, essentially resulting in an agreed and constructive action plan that will help deliver our 3-5 year business plan. Graham asked pointed questions and challenged us on our responses, prompting honest feedback and cementing future actions.

    From all of the Semmco leadership team, many thanks for your invaluable insight which has definitely set us on the right track for our business.
    Stuart McOnie – General Manager

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    Stuart McOnie, Semmco July 5, 2018