HMRC Disputes and Long-Running Cases

How long can HMRC Investigations last?

No end in sight


It is not uncommon for HMRC investigations to run on for many months, and on occasions, for many years. Not only does the lack of certainty frustrate taxpayers, but it invariably increases the cost to taxpayers in terms of paying advisors to deal with the dispute. The urgency for HMRC to close an enquiry will rarely align with how soon a taxpayer would wish for the matter to be resolved.

Unlocking a long-running dispute

Whilst not always the case, on occasions HMRC and (where instructed) advisors can find themselves at an impasse in long-running disputes, with both parties having become entrenched in the minutiae of detail. Menzies can take instructions from taxpayers or their advisors to help unlock a long-running dispute with HMRC, and the introduction of a third party can bring these cases to an earlier resolution.


The team at Menzies has experience of using HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process to resolve complex cases, with the aim of avoiding litigation wherever possible. Our experience of ADR is overwhelmingly positive, but it is important that only the right types of cases are taken into the process.

How can we help you deal with a long-running dispute?

Menzies approach is to be pragmatic and commercial, securing an outcome where at one time it may not have seemed possible. We often find that advisors not experienced in this area are not aware of all the options available to make progress in such cases. Where required our team can work in conjunction with an existing advisor and offer an impartial “fresh pair of eyes”. We have established excellent relationships with other advisors whom we have assisted in the past.

Once instructed Menzies can provide an objective and honest appraisal of the case and make recommendations on the most beneficial way to proceed.

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