10 steps to getting the best from your employees

Here are ten steps you might want to take in order to get the best from your employees.

Develop & communicate vision & strategy

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  • Agree the company’s main purpose and objectives and its plan for achievement.
  • Communicate & involve staff so they know why the company exists and buy in to the strategy.
  • Remind staff often about what you are aiming for and how you are doing as a business.
  • Set and monitor Key Performance Indicators to track progress.

Hire the best people

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  • Consider carefully what and who you are looking for.
  • Have a compelling ‘employer brand’.
  • Effectively communicate your brand, especially through recruitment channels.
  • Understand where your candidates are hiding & how to reach them.
  • Make applying for a job with your company as easy as possible. (You don’t have to make it easy to get the job though!)

Pay attention to culture & values

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  • Culture is driven by how people experience your company’s:
    • Values & beliefs
    • Behaviours
    • Working environment
    • Processes
  • Does everything in your company give the impression of a positive culture and values?
  • Leaders’ actions and behaviour is key. What do they pay particular attention to?

Organise for success

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  • Departmental responsibilities should be are clear to all, with no duplication or ‘gaps’.
  • Processes should flow seamlessly between departments.
  • Resources are structures should be efficient and ‘best fit’ to deliver the strategy.

Clear roles, requirements & measures

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  • Expectations for each role should be clearly stated and understood.
  • The type of skills and attributes a person needs to suit the role should also be clear so that you can recruit and train people well.
  • Outputs required of the role should be clearly stated and measured e.g. KPIs

Actively manage performance

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  • A practical approach should be taken at company, department and individual level to:
    • Plan and specify expected outputs / measures.
    • Track and review actual performance.
    • Make necessary adjustments to address any problems observed.
  • Managers should be trained in the skills of performance management i.e. set objectives, provide feedback and coach their team to make improvements.

Develop skills & talents

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  • Train your people to maintain necessary skills and qualities to be the best at what you do.
  • Anticipate future requirements and train to stay ahead of the game.
  • Identify your key talent and do what it takes to develop and retain them.
  • Praise the best examples of performance

Get the most out of your pay budget

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  • Understand the pay market in your sector / area and pay the going rate to get good people through the door.
  • Incentivise the right outputs and behaviours and reward the best.
  • Be creative about benefits.

Manage risk and integrity

  • Provide professional employment documents and policies
  • Understand and demonstrate fair treatment to support a healthy, diverse culture and manage the risk of discrimination claims
  • Train your line managers in the essential requirements of managing people

Motivate your people

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  • Understand what makes your people tick
  • Think about helping your people to achieve:
    • Autonomy – being trusted to make decisions and influence things.
    • Mastery – becoming the best that they can be.
    • Purpose – felling part of something that has positive goals beyond just the profit motive.

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