Reward Employees – pay, benefits and incentives.

Ed Hussey - Menzies Accountant

Ed Hussey – People Solutions Director

One of the great things about the Menzies team is that we can work across multiple disciplines to arrive at a bespoke solution that meets your needs. How to reward and recognise your people is a classic example.

How to reward and recognise your people

We help our clients address this issue at every level, including:

Desired OutcomeBrighter Thinking Solutions
Setting salary levels and structuresSalary benchmarking, describing job levels and KPIs
Long term retention of key employees and transitions into Directorships and Ownership.Employee Share schemes and Long Term Incentive Programmes
Incentivising high performance by key individuals and/or whole teams.Profit and/or performance based bonus scheme design and implementation. Sales Commission schemes.
Supporting senior executives with Pensions and Investments advice.Independent financial advice through
Menzies Wealth Management (MWM) Ltd.
Managing effective Group Pension arrangements and supporting compliance with Auto Enrolment regulations.Independent employee benefits advice through
MWM Employee Benefits
Brokering and managing cost effective staff benefits e.g. Group Life, Private Health and Critical Illness insurance.Independent employee benefits advice through
MWM Employee Benefits
Advising on tax efficient profit extraction for owners and remuneration packages for employees.Specialist Employment Tax advice.

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