What is a BACS payment?

Denise Love - Menzies Accountant

Denise Love – Payroll specialist

Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services (or BACS for short) is a facility where payments can be transferred directly from your bank account to another bank account.

Why might you use a BACS payment in your business?

There are many reasons why you might want to use BACS payments in your business but they are more commonly used for making fixed regular payments such a salaries, pensions and benefits.
BACS payments typically take up to 3 working days to clear so may not be suitable for same-day payments.

Secure and convenient – Menzies BACS payment services

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As a registered BACS approved bureaux, Menzies is authorised to offer our clients BACS payment services. These are commonly used by our clients to manage salary payments to employees, PAYE liability payment to HMRC, and any other payroll payments such as child maintenance service.

All BACS payments are transferred using a secure BACS provider and all payments are authorised by you in advance so you will know exactly how much is being paid from your bank account.

BACS Payments – part of Menzies outsourced payroll service

Struggling to keep up and manage your regular payments? If your business is not already using BACS payments as part of your current payroll solution, you might want to consider our end-to-end outsourced payroll service. With secure BACS payments, epayslips and a host of other process and reporting functions we can help build a flexible payroll solution designed around your business needs.

Remember, our payroll services are:


Our service is tailored to your needs, not the payroll processor’s


Our payroll service can be combined with HR People Solutions advisory, wealth management advice, tax planning and employee benefits planning services to give you a complete strategic solution for all your staffing needs.


We use CIPP-trained staff (not data processors) who understand payroll/PAYE, so you receive a more efficient and personal service.


With the introduction of GDPR it is essential that your employee personal data remains secure and as such Menzies use two portals to send and receive payroll information from clients.

Our payroll team work closely with Menzies Employer Solutions team who provide advice regarding all aspects of remuneration and benefits to your employees along with dealing with complex HM Revenue and Customs reviews and/or issues.

While dealing with your payroll our experienced payroll team are ideally positioned to identify risks and opportunities to support the smooth running of your and provide appropriate advice when needed.

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