Global Mobility Tax Services for the Employer

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The Global Mobility team at Menzies is here to help the employer navigate the complex issues surrounding International Mobility of their workforce.

  • We can help you in identifying the compliance issues related to cross border working and understanding the various risks and obligations
  • Help you plan to mitigate the risks and excessive costs implications by early consideration of the situations
  • We can help you explore potential cost saving opportunities by advance planning e.g. structure renumeration effectively to take advantage of available concessions; explore the contribution exemptions in relation to cross border social security.

Talk to us if you have a query or need help with:

  • Reviewing and/or designing company assignment/secondment tax policies.
  • Implementing tax policies
  • Hypothetical Tax calculations
  • Tax equalisation calculations
  • Gross up calculations
  • Assignment cost estimates/cost projections
  • Short Term Business Visitors applications and reports
  • Applications for S690 direction
  • Social security planning and advice
  • Applications for A1/Certificates of Coverage
  • Provision of UK payroll services/Modified PAYE: EP Appendix 6
  • Net of Foreign Tax Credit Relief: Appendix 5
  • Modified NIC: EP Appendices 7A and 7B etc.

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Contact Menzies Global Mobility Services team

To speak to a partner or for more information about the services we offer please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete the contact form below.

    Service head

    Sanjukta Ray - CTA

    Employment tax solutions global mobility manager

    Sanjukta Ray is a Manager in the Menzies London office specialising in employment tax solutions and global mobility services.