Escalate dispute resolution

A smarter way to resolve commercial disputes

Pursuing disputes has traditionally been costly and risky. Using Escalate eliminates the financial risk and prioritises cash flow by focussing on a quick settlement and removes upfront costs.

By looking at the process from your perspective, we’re transforming how small and medium-sized businesses manage disputes:

  • No financial risk – you don’t pay out unless we reach a successful settlement.
  • No initial outlay – we pay for all of the up-front costs.
  • Rapid results – we aim to get your money back in just three months; if we can’t settle quickly, we have the financial backing to support you all the way to a High Court resolution.
  • A fixed fee basis – complete transparency from the start.
  • No restrictions on the types of cases we tackle – bad debt, contractual, negligence, IP infringement etc.
  • Not just current or future cases – we can go back to disputes that are up to three years old.

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The dispute resolution process reinvented from your perspective

Escalate was created by looking at each of the steps of the traditional dispute resolution process from your perspective and finding ways of improving them.

We begin negotiating on your behalf as soon as you engage us, using experienced negotiators to encourage the defendant to settle quickly in your favour without the need for litigation. We allow up to three months for this negotiation.

If the defendant is unwilling to settle in this timeframe, we begin preparing for litigation. We’ll take care of this process for you, paying the up-front fees and associated costs all the way up to a High Court resolution.

We’re revolutionising the dispute resolution market and removing the barriers that prevent SMEs from pursuing their cases – perhaps that’s why Escalate is winning prestigious awards, such as ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the 2017 British Accountancy Awards.

Our dispute resolutions team are ready to take you call or email us direct.

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